Profiting from Your Passions® Career Coaching Services with

Martha Elliott

Profiting from Your Passions® Career Coaching Services

This isn’t your typical career coaching. The Profiting from Your Passions® (PFYP) approach is to start with identifying what you want your life to look and feel like. Then, we’ll look at your skills, experience, talents, passionate hobby, and I will guide you toward a way to make money doing something that feeds you, mind, body, and soul.

Profiting Passionately Group Seminars

I offer one-day, four-hour long seminars in a variety of locations. During these seminars, you’ll get a higher-level understanding of how to use the PFYP approach to making changes in your work and life.

Profiting From Your Passion Workshops and Retreats

I offer workshops and retreats that include 2-7 classes, both virtually and in a variety of locations. My workshops are more hands-on and you’ll have an opportunity to participate, learn from your fellow attendees, and ask the specific-to-you questions and present your particular situation for custom feedback.

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