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It’s not too late to start  your Next Chapter!

“Right now, and I mean right NOW, is your moment to take advantage of the dreams, goals, and visions that you have held in your heart for far too long.” —  Steve Harvey

The time is NOW to do what you have always wanted to do. 

It’s not too late!

Why Join?


Weekly Facebook LIVE mini-trainings

As a Profit From  Your Passion career coach, I will share information and tips that will support you on your Next Chapter journey.


A safe and private space

This private group is a safe container for you to share and get support.



Come join a community of folks who get you and supports your vision for your Next Chapter.


Connect with like minded people

What I love about this group is that we are all on the journey of creating our Next Chapter.

Be part of a vibrant community

What Clients are Saying

Martha makes me want to be one of her success stories. After 63 years of life had knocked me around quite a bit, she helped me remember what I used to believe when I was younger: that the world was full of magic and everything was possible-and still is!

- Deborah

“Martha’s advice and guidance helped me focus on what is truly important when launching my business.”

- Dan

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