Martha Elliott, owner of Boomers Next Chapter, is a transnational, Profiting from Your Passions career coach who specializes in mid-life career change and transitions.

About Boomers the Next Chapter

Boomers the Next Chapter is dedicated to helping people find out-of-the-box solutions to their job problems. I’m here to help you rewrite your story. Together, we’ll write the next chapter of your life and it’ll be a chapter that you not only want to read, you’ll want to live it.

I want you to look forward to each and every day. I want you to be working and living in a way that makes you excited to get up every morning and happily approach your day.


My Mission: Passion, Potential, and Possibilities

My mission is to help people in the second half of life who want, or need, to make career changes realize their potential and possibilities. I help them learn how to generate income from both traditional and non-traditional sources by identifying core talents, skills, and passionate hobbies and thinking outside the proverbial box to find a way to turn it into viable profit centers through one-on-one coaching and group workshops and seminars.

My super power has always been finding ways to make money — and then making it happen. Combine that with my intrinsic desire to help others live fully and my well-honed skill to think way outside of any box thrown at me and I know I can help a lot of people — and YOU — achieve a life to love.

About Martha

Since I was a child, I’ve looked for—and found—new ways to make money that defied what I heard often, things like, “Women can’t get paid for that” or “You can’t do that for a job!” All the myriad ways ideas get shot down would come at me and I’d find a way to make it happen anyway … my super power! During the financial crisis in 2008-2010, like so many others, I was laid off, but I wasn’t worried or fearful at all — and people noticed. They also noticed I got a new job right away. 

.People kept asking, “How did you find it?” and my response always was, ‘there are jobs, you just need to know how to find them.’ And then I found myself being asked to sit down with folks over lunch and dinner because they wanted to pick my brain. And my side-gig career coaching business was born.

I’ve been career advising and helping people, both informally and formally, in some fashion since the mid-80s. I’m now launching out and will be making Boomers, The Next Chapter my full-time work. I’m passionate about it and it makes me so excited when I can help someone turn their situations completely around and move from fear, stress, and despair to excitement, eagerness, and happiness.

I have a background in education, an M.Ed in Management with a focus on managing diverse groups of people in large and small company environments. Along with my Profit from Your Passions® coaching training and certification, I bring YEARS of experience working in both corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. I understand how it works and how it doesn’t. I also know and understand how to create something new and not be dependent on the traditional something that doesn’t work for you anymore.

Ready to re-discover who you truly are?

It’s time discover and then tap into your super power! Excitement, hope, purpose — and relief —are around the corner. Work with me and I will help you make the changes you need so that you can once again live a fulfilling, satisfying, and energizing life.

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