Shelley Dennis is a travel photographer and writer who loves to visit all of the nooks and crannies of America, taking along her trusty sidekick, Sully, the Golden Retriever.

In this episode, Shelley not only shares her personal story but also gives us tons of tips and resources for how to travel in a RV inexpensively and how you can generate income on the road.

Topics we talked about:

  • Shelley shares her early life growing up in the Midwest and living in Colorado.
  • When Shelley was in her mid fifties she knew her passion was photography and travel, and decided to make a change. She shares how she planned to make the change to living full time on the road, and following her passion.
  • She discovered there are so many ways to live this lifestyle.
  • Shelley shares how to generate income while on the road.
  • She shares with us one of her best job exploring Alaska.
  • Talks about what its like to travel with a dog.
  • How to be safe while traveling as a single woman.
  • Why she started a business that helps solo travelers.
  • Health care for you and healthcare for your dog.

Tips and Resources

  • If you are looking to save money, most campgrounds will give you discounts if you plan to stay a month or longer.
  • There are membership programs that can save you half price on camp fees.
  • State park passes – you pay a lump sum fee, then when you show up at any state park you can stay for $ 4:00 per night.
  • Harvest Host – you pay about $75 a year and you can stop at any participating place and spend the night for free. You have to be in a self-contained camper. They even have a golf park.
  • There are teaching jobs you can do along the way.
  • A tip for women traveling alone – Go to the used clothing store and buy a pair of big men’s work boots. Then place them outside the camper.

Websites mentioned in this episode: