In this episode I talk with Coach Kalekeni Banda, a native of Malawi, Africa and a nationally recognized women’s and men’s soccer coach. He shares with us how a desire to bring sports equipment to his native village in Malawi, Africa developed into a non-profit organization that continues to transform the lives of children.

 Topics we talked about in this episode:

  • The story of his journey from  Malawi, Africa to Mamaroneck New York.
  • Coach Banda’s career as a soccer coach for both women’s and men’s teams.
  • The death of his parents in Malawi Africa was the spark that lead to his dream of helping his village was born.
  • It all started with the question “How do kids participate in sports, and how can I help.”
  • The story of how his  idea grew into a non-profit organization.The story of how his idea grew into a non-profit organization.
  • How introducing the idea of girls playing soccer was not easy.
  • How the foundation really grew when he began to partner and collaborate with others.
  • An update on what the foundation is doing today.
  • Coach Banda reminds us that starting his project wasn’t easy. Ask yourself the question “What’s your passion?” Don’t feel like you have to do it yourself, you need friends who can see and support your vision. Don’t forget to have faith and don’t be afraid to be a little foolish. It’s not going to be easy but it’s definitely going to be worth it.

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